WElcome to cryptosurfers
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WElcome to cryptosurfers

We are a Community-First NFT project!

We believe that NFT avatars will have a significant impact and high implementation this upcoming year. Therefore our Community-First approach is essential to the success of the project.

Our collection will begin with a series of 7777 Cryptosurfers NFTs made with generative art. Those will be the most exclusive and special ones.

Once the sale is finished, we will launch our exclusive Cryptosurfers NFT configurator.

Anyone can make their avatar with exclusive NFT assets and seasonal new NFT assets every month.

Creating a Community is a must for us, so all the Cryptosurfers family will have perks, airdrops, giveaways, and so much more!

Why we choose surfing?

Surfers share a common love and lifestyle. It brings people together, bridging different cultures, classes, nationalities, and walks of life.

From collect
to play

Our goal is to create a digital surfer community. Our roadmap ahead is ambitious; we want to make it fun from the configurator, pfp, and digital merchandising to our final goal – create a surfing game.



Cryptosurfers is a collection of algorithmically generated surfers minted as NFTs on the blockchain. The 1st limited WAGMI generation of 7777 Cryptosurfers club collectors will get exclusive access to the ecosystem. Each Cryptosurfer will be a unique representation of you in the Web3 community.



To celebrate the success of the 1st limited WAGMI genesis drop, we will be launching our Cryptosurfers configurator for a limited number of users. The WAGMI collectors will be invited to join, and then it will be 1200 spots to configure and make your own Cryptosurfers at a low price. Just 1200 spots for the first ones.

The private configurator party will be open for one week. Once it is over, we will open the configurator to everyone that wants to join the community. There will be 6.000 Cryptosurfers to create. The genesis drop will then be complete, and the Cryptosurfers NFT Collectors club will then have our first surfing members.

The Genesis drop consists of two phases: the WAGMI and the CREATORS. Both Cryptosurfers NFTs will be different; the ones for WAGMI will have Web3 Community items, and the ones for the Creators will be the ones that the community will design in the configurator tool.


Surfing that digitally grows!

Our first goal before selling anything is to create a community of like-minded people aligned with our goals and who think like us – that there is a need for a common space, a digital space, a global community.

As Cryptosurfers Club collectors, we will try to bring value to the NFTs with partnerships, collaborations, and great projects to fund. We wanted to be a relevant project that continually gives back and creates new content, assets, and collaborations with surfers, brands, and other Web3 projects.

We will create a Cryptosurfers Earth treasury with part of the amount raised and part of the project’s revenues in the future to fund projects related to mitigating climate change and, being more specific, related to our ocean. Our Cryptosurfers Collectors community would decide the best causes to fund and support.

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Community growth.
Pre-sale whitelist.

WAGMI Collection sale.
AMA about the collection.

Wagmi Invitation sale.
Configurator open to everyone.

First Brand assets to be displayed in the configurator.

Seasonal Asset drop.
Ambassador programs.